Thursday, August 11, 2016

Little Brown Box Remake

Every year I save the first weekend of August for the Foresthill Community Garage Sale.  It is a little mountain town not far from home.

 All the proceeds go to fund the local firefighters.  You have to cross the highest bridge in California to get there.  And I mean it is up there.

Foresthill, CA is a small mountain town not far from here.  It was an early gold rush town like so many around this part of California.

 Their sale always has so many great finds, from furniture, to knick knacks and books.  Each year I mark it on my calendar so I won't forget and miss it.  

I found so many gorgeous things.  The sale is held all  over town from the library, fire station to the  Veterans hall and even the elementary school.  Each location specializes.  Vet's hall has collectibles, the school has books and clothing, fires station corner had furniture and of course the library had books, too.

This is the Veteran's, during the sale this gets filled with collectibles galore.

This little box was one of the days finds.  I just knew I could do something to bring it to life.  It was only $.50 so there was't much of an investment to try my remake.

I started by dry brushing the box with pink chalk paint, making sure to only hit the high areas with paint and leave the low areas unpainted.  I covered the hardware, too.

The inside was covered with very dark velour so that
 got a light coat of paint, too.

Next I gave the hardware a light coat of silver paint leaving some of the pink paint showing.

On the inside of the lid I glued a tag I cut down to fit after the paint had dried.

After the topcoat of Mod Podge was dry I used hot glue to add some silver bling that comes by the yard around the edge.

I also added the bling by the yard to several places on the outside.

And here is my little shabby chic box all finished.

Happy Crafting!

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