Monday, August 22, 2016

Large Magazine Rack Redo

I didn't have a ton of time to work on projects last week.  I cleared a path for our refrigerator to be brought in by the front door, down our long hallway, only to realize it wouldn't make the turn into the kitchen.  That meant that I had to clear a path from the back door.  Not such an easy task since there was a china cabinet in the way.  So I proceeded to remove, wrap and box all my china and glassware.  Move the cabinet and make room for the refrigerator to come through.  Now I need to unpack, wash and replace everything.  It will be so nice to get my house back in shape.

One project I did get done was to redo this large wooden magazine rack I found at a vintage sale a couple of weeks ago.  It appears to be handmade by the way it is put together.

I decided to paint it pink with an off white interior.  Here you can see the inside painted white.

And the outside pink.

I separated the top layer from printed napkins with roses and tore the roses from the napkin.

Using Mod Podge I adhered the napkins to the ends and sides of the dried painted wooden magazine rack.

Using the leftover pieces of the checkered background of the napkins I glued those randomly to the handle at the top.

Not sure how or where I want to use this piece.  It is very large.  I could get 2 rows of magazines in it side by side.

Happy Crafting!

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