Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Prepping Cabinets Day 1

I started priming the base of the china cabinet first with the primer and stain blocker.

I like the detail on the bottom panel, can't wait to see it in white.

Then the top piece got primer next.

I was able to remove the glass from the doors for painting but the panes on either side wouldn't come out.  This was a challenge to paint.  I was able to get the glass slightly loose, then I slipped a piece of paper between the glass and my paint brush.    That made it possible to paint each side without getting paint on the glass.

These are the two side pieces I bought to complete my storage units.  All three pieces are going to be painted with a satin finish white paint.  That way since the woods are different all three pieces will look good together.

The door on the right hand cabinet was broken when we purchased it, in 3 pieces.

Before priming I glued and filled the pieces together then reinstalled the door panel into the cabinet.

Luckily these cabinets are made so that the bottom panels are removable which made it easier to repair.

The next thing I did was to remove the glass from these doors, and the priming began.

Happy Decorating!

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