Friday, March 31, 2017

Recycled Easter Baskets

A few week ago one of the bloggers I follow had a coupon to try Blue Apron Meals.

I have had a lot of fun cooking the varied international flavored dishes.

Several of the meals have used eggs.  The eggs are packed in the cutest little paper pulp boxes.  I have been saving these boxes because they looked interesting.  I knew I could make something with them.

I was looking at them today and decided I could make Easter baskets with them.

 They come in two sizes, holding either one egg or two.

 I began by punching a hole in each side for the handle.

I painted one aqua and the other pink.

Then using a pipe cleaner I wound a length with pink crepe paper around each one.  Then threaded one end through each hole and twisted it around itself to secure.

I also glued a pastel paper flower to cover the twisted pipe cleaner.

Then I cut out dragonflies and bees on my Big Shot for the baskets.

Using hot glue I added a different lace to each basket and filled them with brown paper shred.

Next I glued the dragonflies and bees to the baskets.

I had a package of plastic Easter eggs.  For these baskets I didn't want shiny plastic eggs so I painted each one with a matching color of chalk paint.

Love using these pieces of garbage and making them into these cute little baskets.

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blue Egg Display

I had a few of the little blue Easter eggs left from my last project.  Hmmm!  What to do with them?

I choose to frame them in a hanging display of nine eggs.  This little project cost just a few cents. A piece of paper and a left over carton.

I found a pretty piece of blue and green paper in my stash.

I also used the nine blue eggs plus the leftover carton from the pineapple juice I buy at Trader Joe's Market.  This little carton measures about 6" x 6".

I traced the bottom and cut out adding about 4" to each side and cut the square diagonally at each corner.  Next I erased the the pencil marks.

I then folded the sides to the inside and glued the paper to the bottom of the carton.

I then unfolded the sides and cut the wings off the 2 opposing sides.

I next glued the paper on 2 sides to cover the carton and folded over to the bottom and glued.  Then I folded and glued the other 2 sides to completely cover the carton.

I cut strips the height of the sides from the remaining paper.

Beginning on one side I glued and roughly pleated the strips to the side of the carton going completely around the carton. Not being too careful about the size of the pleats.

Using hot glue I attached the nine tiny blue eggs.

Next I glued narrow white satin ribbon over the outer edge where the pleated paper meets the top edge.

Then using Scor-Tape I ran a strip just inside the ribbon and removed the covering to expose the sticky surface.

Here I sprinkled a light green fine glitter over the Scor -Tape.

I cut a matching piece of 1/4" satin ribbon to match the glitter and glued it in place for a hanger, then glued to flat back pearl to each side.

I cut two long pieces from this piece of lace to glue to the bottom center of the piece.

I have this piece hanging on the chalkboard in my front hall welcoming Spring to our house.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bunny Wreath

I purchased this sad little bunny wreath a few years ago at a second hand store.  It has just been hanging out in the garage waiting to be brought back to life.  It was broken and stuck in the last century.  Time for an update.

The first thing was to remove the old faded ribbons and hearts.

I repaired the broken parts.  And chose some new colors to freshen the paint.

I started with a green, blue, pink, and white chalk paint.  The colors are similar to the original colors but fresher and more up to date.

I tied a few lengths of cream seam binding in loops and streamers.  

Next I used hot glue to attach a few blue speckled eggs to the seam binding streamers.

And using a twist tie I attached the streamers to the wreath.

I really like the new 21st century look on this old worn out wreath.  It will now last for a few more seasons.

 It is simple and colorful without being bright or fussy.  Just pretty pastels.



Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Puffy Clouds, Blue Sky and Donuts

Mr. K thought it would be a good idea to go for a drive and get some fresh air.

The day was beautiful, bright blue sky and the biggest white fluffy clouds.

And everything is so green, the trees are still blooming.  All this year's rain is making for a spectacular Spring display.

And just by chance Mr. K stopped by a new Donut shop that has just been named best in California.
And of course, he just had to buy a few.

I tasted one and it was really good.  I guess the reports are correct.  When we stopped it was late in the afternoon and still there was a line almost out the door.

It's nice to have a good donut shop nearby when we get that occasional craving for a good donut with a really nice staff, too.

Happy Travels!