Wednesday, March 1, 2017

DIY Succulent Shadowbox

I had a few of the succulent plants leftover from my last project.  I was thinking what could I do with them?

I have seen the shadow box kits that are for sale and thought I would like to make one.

I had a cute little 6" square, 25 cent frame, from the thrift store that was missing it's glass.  I combined that with a little cardboard box, a piece of cardboard and a sheet of scrapbook paper plus my left over succulents plants along with a few pieces of lichen.

I started by covering the cardboard box with the polka dot scrapbook paper.

Next I cut a piece of glittered ribbon to fit the sides of the box and glued it to the outside of my box.

I also covered the cardboard from the inside of the frame and glued the cardboard box to the piece of covered cardboard.

Next I began to fill my box with the succulents plus a few pieces of lichen using hot glue.

Here's my little box all filled.

I added a cute little bee to the frame, also.

Happy Crafting!

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