Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blue Egg Display

I had a few of the little blue Easter eggs left from my last project.  Hmmm!  What to do with them?

I choose to frame them in a hanging display of nine eggs.  This little project cost just a few cents. A piece of paper and a left over carton.

I found a pretty piece of blue and green paper in my stash.

I also used the nine blue eggs plus the leftover carton from the pineapple juice I buy at Trader Joe's Market.  This little carton measures about 6" x 6".

I traced the bottom and cut out adding about 4" to each side and cut the square diagonally at each corner.  Next I erased the the pencil marks.

I then folded the sides to the inside and glued the paper to the bottom of the carton.

I then unfolded the sides and cut the wings off the 2 opposing sides.

I next glued the paper on 2 sides to cover the carton and folded over to the bottom and glued.  Then I folded and glued the other 2 sides to completely cover the carton.

I cut strips the height of the sides from the remaining paper.

Beginning on one side I glued and roughly pleated the strips to the side of the carton going completely around the carton. Not being too careful about the size of the pleats.

Using hot glue I attached the nine tiny blue eggs.

Next I glued narrow white satin ribbon over the outer edge where the pleated paper meets the top edge.

Then using Scor-Tape I ran a strip just inside the ribbon and removed the covering to expose the sticky surface.

Here I sprinkled a light green fine glitter over the Scor -Tape.

I cut a matching piece of 1/4" satin ribbon to match the glitter and glued it in place for a hanger, then glued to flat back pearl to each side.

I cut two long pieces from this piece of lace to glue to the bottom center of the piece.

I have this piece hanging on the chalkboard in my front hall welcoming Spring to our house.

Happy Crafting!

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