Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Cold

My creativity came to a screeching halt this week when I came down with one awful cold.  My hubbies idea of sharing.  Just kidding, but I did catch his cold and it hit me extremely hard.  Not one to be sick often and always on the go, I haven't given a thought to much else this week except for getting back on my feet.

It always seems like I go brain dead when I get sick.  It takes me a few days to figure out how to make myself feel better.  Mr. K is no help either he just looks at me and asks when am I going to get better.  Poor thing has no idea how to care for someone.  He has gotten better over the years.  At least now he figures out how to feed me something.

Every year I make "Thieves Oil" and keep it in my medicine cabinet. You can find some good recipes on the internet to make some yourself.  That's where I originally got mine.  I never take over the counter cold medicine because there are so many nasty chemicals in them. Anyway yesterday I finally remembered about it and rubbed some over my chest and sinuses before going to sleep.  This morning I felt soooooo much better. It is a very old cure that has been used for centuries and I really  believe it does help.  It certainly hasn't hurt. My chest has cleared and so have my sinuses.  I repeated the same thing this morning.  Wow,  I can breath again and my cough is almost gone.

Earlier in the week the weather was beautiful but then the rains and winds returned.  I so want to just sit in the sun.  That always makes me feel better when I am getting over a cold.

I know wellness is on the horizon because as I lay here in my bed I have my tablet turned on again and I am researching new ideas and projects.  That's always a good sign that I will be back to normal soon, thank goodness.

I have a couple of really large projects on the horizon, too. I plan to lay new flooring in the upstairs bath.  Already bought everything, now it is just a matter of getting my energy back.  I also plan to empty my smaller China cabinet to repaint.  Have everything purchased for that project, too.

I'm hoping for some gorgeous Spring days next week.  This is the perfect time of year for a drive to view the wildflowers.

Happy Spring!

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