Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day in Bed

Well, this isn't good.  I woke up this morning with a pain in my side.  I tried getting up and sitting out on the patio.  But that was a no go. But while I was out there I saw the first little hummingbirds of the year.  Time to fill the feeders when I feel better.

Feels like a pulled muscle, maybe. And kinda hurts when I breathe.  Don't remember doing anything to myself but I was working in the yard yesterday.  Getting old is for the birds. And it never hurts when you do something but, just sneaks up on you later.

I have a couple of new projects on my work table that will have to wait for another day, too. And worst of all today is the day the city inspector is scheduled to show up for the inspection of our new HVAC system.  Hubby will need to take care of that for sure.

I am not one to be quiet and lie around.  So many things I can think of that I could be doing.  Not to mention it is such a gorgeous day outside.  I know I bought flowers just waiting to be be planted plus I bought 3 new wine barrels.  One gets my transplanted lemon tree that has out grown it's container and the other 2 I plan to buy vines for to grow over an arched trellis.

But all that is on hold until I feel better.  I can't remember the last time anything knocked me off my feet for a day.  I say one day because that is as long as I can stand not being on the go. My hubby is always after me to slow down and take it easy but I am just one those people that are always on the move.

So from inside by my window looking out I am dreaming up new projects.  Stay tuned.

Happy Spring Day!

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