Friday, March 31, 2017

Recycled Easter Baskets

A few week ago one of the bloggers I follow had a coupon to try Blue Apron Meals.

I have had a lot of fun cooking the varied international flavored dishes.

Several of the meals have used eggs.  The eggs are packed in the cutest little paper pulp boxes.  I have been saving these boxes because they looked interesting.  I knew I could make something with them.

I was looking at them today and decided I could make Easter baskets with them.

 They come in two sizes, holding either one egg or two.

 I began by punching a hole in each side for the handle.

I painted one aqua and the other pink.

Then using a pipe cleaner I wound a length with pink crepe paper around each one.  Then threaded one end through each hole and twisted it around itself to secure.

I also glued a pastel paper flower to cover the twisted pipe cleaner.

Then I cut out dragonflies and bees on my Big Shot for the baskets.

Using hot glue I added a different lace to each basket and filled them with brown paper shred.

Next I glued the dragonflies and bees to the baskets.

I had a package of plastic Easter eggs.  For these baskets I didn't want shiny plastic eggs so I painted each one with a matching color of chalk paint.

Love using these pieces of garbage and making them into these cute little baskets.

Happy Crafting!

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