Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bunny Wreath

I purchased this sad little bunny wreath a few years ago at a second hand store.  It has just been hanging out in the garage waiting to be brought back to life.  It was broken and stuck in the last century.  Time for an update.

The first thing was to remove the old faded ribbons and hearts.

I repaired the broken parts.  And chose some new colors to freshen the paint.

I started with a green, blue, pink, and white chalk paint.  The colors are similar to the original colors but fresher and more up to date.

I tied a few lengths of cream seam binding in loops and streamers.  

Next I used hot glue to attach a few blue speckled eggs to the seam binding streamers.

And using a twist tie I attached the streamers to the wreath.

I really like the new 21st century look on this old worn out wreath.  It will now last for a few more seasons.

 It is simple and colorful without being bright or fussy.  Just pretty pastels.



Happy Crafting!

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