Monday, March 20, 2017

Making Roses

I finally figured out how I injured my side.  While working in the garden I was pulling and moving large plant containers.  I must have pulled a muscle while pulling one across the patio.  By Saturday I was feeling much better.  That is when my husband was kind enough to share his cold with me.  So, needless to say it was a rough weekend.

For today's project I decided to take it easy and play with a new toy for my Big Shot machine that I ordered on the Internet.  It  cuts out a rose.  Actually 3 roses at a time.

It makes the prettiest shabby roses.

This die cuts 3 layers of paper at once.  Just use 3 pieces of card stock to fit the rose die.  They cut out looking like this.

I used 2 shades of distress ink on the edge of the petals, a pink and a stone color to give the finished roses an aged appearance.

I like to lightly spritz the entire piece with plain water to make it easier to roll and bend the petals.

Next I tightly rolled the rose from the small end to the large center.

Next I bent the edges of the petals and loosen the rose a bit before gluing the coil to the base. On the back side I used my large succulent die to cut out green for leaves.

By cutting the die cut out in 4 pieces I created the rose leaves.

These I distressed with green ink.

I also cut out one of the smaller succulent pieces in green to create a calyx and glued the calyx and the leaves to the back of the rose.  I ended up making 3 leaves for each rose blossom.

When the glue was dry I used Stickles to add a bit of sparkle to the bloom and leaves.

I really love to make paper flowers and this will make it so much easier.  
These are so pretty and delicate. I think I will find a lot of places to use these roses.

Happy Crafting!

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