Monday, March 6, 2017

I had a Birthday on Saturday

So for my birthday I choose to go for a drive with my hubby.

We headed up into the foothills. The day turned out pretty nice with big fluffy clouds and the rain held off until dark.

There were definitely signs of Spring everywhere, the trees were in full  bloom.

The hills have dawned their gorgeous green velvet blanket of Spring green grass.  Soon the heat will return and everything will be brown and dry, but while the grass is green it is such a gorgeous sight.

I snapped a picture as we drove over the American River.  Not nearly as much water flowing a there was a week ago.

Then we headed back down into the valley.  The visibility was great, too.  That is downtown Sacramento about 30 miles in the distance.  Not many days anymore without smog and haze hiding the view.

So after our drive we went through the car wash for my free Birthday wash.

These next couple of pictures are of piles and piles of rocks.  These rocks used to go on for miles and miles.   There are only a few blocks of them left in a couple of areas now.  Most have been leveled and built over. These rocks are what was left over from the 1849 gold rush.  It is amazing to see the amount of earth and rock those miners moved while searching for gold.  These mountains of rock are about as high as a one store house.

As the sun was setting my Birthday was coming to the end.

Happy Travels!

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