Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August Thrift Store Finds

We did a little running around today.  First off a trip to the car wash.  Still in a drought of sorts, so no car washing at home and our carr really needed a good washing.  

Next we drove over a coulee of towns to our nearest Ikea Store to pick up a couple of curtain brackets I forgot to buy on my last trip.

And finally a drive in the opposite direction to a Habitat for Humanity Restore.  I haven't been there in years.  Found some very cool items.

I just adore little clear glass pitchers,  this on was only a $1.00 and was produced prior to 1930.  I could tell  that by the mold marks on the glass.
I thought the crystal tray would be nice to hold pens on my desk and the little green bird has what appears to be clay balls inside that I assume are used to scent with oils.

I can image all kinds of uses for these medallions from crafts to furniture, they are metal and only $.20 each.

 Love this metal basket, I like to use these on the top shelf of bookcases to store items I like to keep handy but out of sight.
And this door knob was perfect.  Our downstairs doorknob on our bathroom was starting to stick, so for $2.00 I was able to replace it with this really pretty one.

Mr. K recently broke one of my green wine glasses.  He felt really bad.  I said no big deal and was able to replace it today with these.

The little black velvet jewelry holder was a quarter and can stand on my vanity to hold a few pieces of jewelry I want to display.

Most everything I bought was $2.00 or less including this interesting basket with lid.  Not sure what it was originally made to hold but I plan to paint it to resemble a french cheese box.

These were the steal of the day at only $2.00 a piece.  I recently paid $10.00 for one like the clear basket, only it was smaller.

Can't wait to do a makeover on this magazine rack and it is quite large.  Larger than most I have ever seen in the past.

I had been thinking Fall is just around the corner.  I have been wanting a light throw for my shoulders when the weather turns cooler.  I had planned on buying some yarn and knitting one for the coming cooler season.  But then I came across this one for $3.00 in the beautiful color that matches some of my Fall wardrobe, I decided I couldn't begin to make it for that price.  It is really made beautifully and very soft yarns where used.  I'll give it a hand washing and it will be perfect.

Came home with some lovely finds.

Happy Hunting!

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