Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Making Some Upgrades

Our house was built in 1980 and it hasn't had a lot of upgrades as far a hardware is concerned.  So I am starting on a few of the smaller projects.

Like our door knobs and light fixtures.

We had the standard plain old round door knobs throughout the house.  

I bought enough of the new lever style door knobs to change all the interior doors.

I have one installed 1, 6 more to go.

Next I decided our front hall needed more light.  We had an amber light fixture that didn't give off much light.  It made the entry hall feel you where entering a cave.

I have been shopping around for awhile and finally found one I liked with just enough sparkle to make me happy.

It arrived today and is now in place.  Wow, the entry is so bright.  I love it.

It was a little time consuming to install all the crystals, they needed to be hung one row at a time all the way around.  But it was well worth the time.  Thank goodness today ended up being really cool for this time of year. It wold not have been any fun to do during a heatwave, even today it was hot up near the ceiling.

 And yes, we still have popcorn ceilings.  I am hoping that will be another update that will be finished soon. I want to paint that ceiling bright white to help bring more light to the area.  That will be another project for another day.

Don't you just love the light and sparkle?  And all that light comes from 3 tiny halogen bulbs.

Happy Decorating!

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