Monday, August 15, 2016

Hanging Rack Makeover

Just a got another call about the delivery of my new refrigerator.  They sold so many and they are so back logged that it can't be delivered until the 19th of the month.  That is only 2 weeks later than originally thought.  So now my kitchen is torn up and everything moved out of the way for the delivery and it isn't going to happen as promised.  Oh what fun.

So today I moved a few more things around in the family room and kitchen making sure not to block the delivery path.  And while I was at it I remembered this cute little shelf I purchased at a yard sale for $.50.  I thought it would be perfect to hang on the end of my pantry shelf to hold recipes or books with recipes I planned on cooking each week.

I took it into my studio and painted it white to match my kitchen.  Pretty simple project.  I just painted, let it dry and hung it up.  

I think it is going to work perfectly.  I will just use a couple of large pot hooks to hang it on the shelf.  Simple.

It seems I decide on a menu, go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients and then can never remember where I saw the recipe.  Now when I find a recipe I want to make that week I will just put it in this rack.  No more lost recipes.

Rack hanging on shelf

Happy Crafting!

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