Monday, August 1, 2016

Tea Bag Stoage Box

Still hibernating in the house, we are now into 7 days of over 100 degrees and more to come.  Need to  go shopping soon but just don't want to go outside.  I am lucky if I make it out early enough in the mornings to water the few potted plants on my patio before they fry.  If I water last thing before sunset my poor plants are already wilted by morning.   The weather just seams extreme this year.  Although we did have a summer a few years ago with 17 days over 100 and many older or sick people actually passed away.  And that year the city actually opened cooling locations in case peoples AC went out or wasn't working properly.

I hope everyone is taking care of their pets, too.

Fall can't get here soon enough for me this year.

I bought a Kaleidoscope while visiting in the mountains last year, this is the box it came in.  It was so studry and such a nice size I saved it for some future project.

So last week I came across it while looking for something else.  And it hit me.  It would be the perfect size for a container to hold tea bags.  I have been on the lookout for just that sort of container.

I started by covering the top raw edges of the box and cutting the opening at the bottom for the tea bags to slide out at the bottom.

I cut and scored the papers to fit the lid and sides.

I first glued the paper to the lid overlapping the back of the box about 1 inch.

Next I covered the sides of the box, punched a hole in the center of the lid and added a craft knob.

I used a green distress ink on all the edges.

Next I added a couple of rows of gold washi tape around the top of the box and just above the opening at the bottom.

I cut a few tags from the opposite side of the patterned paper and glued them in place.

The gold medallion I formed out of clay with a mold, let it dry and used gold leaf paint.  When the paint was dry a added a green Stickles in a few places.  I also went around all the tags with a gold Stickles.

And here it is filled with teabags.  Great for corralling all those loose teabags around the kitchen.

Happy Crafting!

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