Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Love My New Refrigerator

Well, it finally arrived on Saturday.  I can't believe how nice it really is.  I bought black to match my black and white kitchen.  All my appliances are black.  Next I plan to have installed a black slate colored countertop in the kitchen.

It is almost 30 cubic feet.  Plenty of room for everything and a place for everything.  I love organization. So I bought refrigerator storage boxes to fit the shelves.  Makes taking things out and keeping them organized so easy.

The vegetable bins are gigantic and have totally separate moisture controls to keep vegetables fresh.

I even have a shelf I am not using.  On the bottom right side the shelf slides back for when you need to store something tall like the Yogurt container.

We find that having the separate deli drawer means we don't need to open the main frig. as often and I am sure that helps save a lot of energy.  So the items we use the most I put in the deli drawer.

Also love the fact that the deli drawer also has separate controls for setting the temperature depending on what you are using it to store.

The doors are also very deep and will hold gallon containers.  And the light.  There are lights everywhere, deli drawers, produce drawers, freezer and main compartment.  Totally bright with no dark corners.

I was totally amazed at the the size of the freezer. The bottom drawer is deep enough to easily hold a couple of large turkeys and I am keeping all my frozen fruits in the top drawer for smoothies.  And then there is the small shelf that runs inside the freezer drawer, great for keeping small items handy and out of the main compartment where they could get lost.

Now that I see just how deep the freezer actually is I will have to buy a few good sized freezer baskets to organize that area, too.

Wow, this thing is fantastic and I got over 55% off the normal price.  I had been looking for one like this for several years.  Just never realized how wonderful to would be.  Amazing I can get so excited over a refrigerator.

Happy Shopping!

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