Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bird of Paradise Redo

Last weekend we went to a local vintage flea market that is held once a month.

They always have such a variety of interesting items.

This month I found a couple of cute items.  First a metal scroll work cone I plan to fill with Autumn faux plants and hang on the front door.

Also have been looking for a little shelf I could use for my small salt and pepper shaker collection.  I found the perfect one and I still have a few empty spots on the shelf for future finds.  Plus it was the perfect color, ready to hang and fill.

While I was there I saw a set of mid century Syroco Bird of Paradise figurines for sale.  They where painted white and lightly distressed.

I had the same birds sitting in my studio for years.  I thought they where so pretty,  just love how graceful they are.  I couldn't think what to do with mine but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of them.  They where in pretty bad shape most of the gold had worn away.

I brought out the white paint and gave them a coat of paint to cover the worn gold finish.

After the paint was dry I used sandpaper to distress the pair.  Love the way their lovely lines and details show now with just a hint of gold sparkle showing through the distressing.

Happy Crafting!

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