Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Three Cabinets Get Makeover

I have been priming and painting cabinets for 3 days.

I have hardly stopped to eat.  Worked morning til dark.  They are on my patio and I can feel the weather changing.  Must get them inside before the rains or dew begin.

I couldn't believe that the main china cabinet took 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint. The wood was so dry it just drank in the paint. This was way more work then I bargained for but I believe in the end it will all be worth it to have a beautiful new home for my things.  Plus the cost has been under $150.00 for all 3 cabinets.

Tomorrow I will make room inside for all 3, then reinstall all the glass shelves, cleaned and polished and also the door glass on all the doors.

I ordered new knobs so all 3 cabinets will match and some dental moulding for the 2 smaller cabinets, then all will have similar mouldings.

The knobs arrived today and they are perfect. Can't wait to get them inside and installed.

Then begins the long job of unpacking all my glassware and dishes, sorting through the items I am keeping, then washing and placing everything that stays in their new homes.

Today I counted the shelf supports and of course there are some missing. I quickly ordered new ones  that should arrive in a couple of days.  Thank goodness for Amazon.  Otherwise I have no idea where I would have found supports to fit these cabinets.  Seems they carry every size and I believe I found the right size to order.

The larger china cabinet has 2 working lights with bulbs.  The two smaller cabinets are missing their bulbs. I added 2 LED light bulbs, on the same Amazon order.

There are six shelves left to prime and paint.  That will be the I end of the painting.  Thankfully, because somehow I managed to get myself in the sun and ended up a bit red.  Thought I was in the shade most of the days, but guess not.  For us we have been having high humidity.  Yesterday was up to 50%.  So humid I guess I didn't even feel the sun on me.

Check back tomorrow as I will have pictures of the progress so far.

Happy Decorating!

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