Saturday, October 3, 2015

Black Spider Web Lantern

Here is a quick craft that would be cute on a windowsill, table or part of a front porch display for Halloween. (It was hard to get a good photo, black doesn't show up well.)

I started out with just an empty glass jar, like the ones spaghetti sauce comes in. I ran it through the dishwasher to make sure there was no greasy residue left on the glass.  I wanted the paint to adhere well.  Next  I drew a spider web on a piece of copy paper that I had cut down to fit the jar and taped it to the inside with the web facing out.  Using my hot glue gun I traced over the lines of the web and let it cool.  I used my hot glue gun with a fine tip. 
empty jar
Spidy on the jar
   Next I painted the entire jar, including the lid, black.  I just happened to have chalkboard paint handy, but I am sure any black acrylic paint would work.  I thought that since the chalkboard paint is a little thicker I wouldn't need more than one coat of paint.  Some areas I did end up giving a second coat of paint.  
Spooky Lantern at night
But didn't  completely cover the jar with a heavy coat of paint.  I left some areas thinner to allow the light to show through. 
 When the paint was dry I used my hot glue gun to adhere the fuzzy spider, that I bought at The Dollar Store,  to the lantern making sure not to glue the lid so I could insert a battery operated tea light inside.

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