Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Port of Long Beach

Our next port was Long Beach where we tied up alongside the Queen Mary.  Oh my, next to the Grand Princess the Queen Mary was so tiny.  In it's day it was a huge ship.

In this port we took a shore excursion.

Our Excursion took us to Mann's Chinese Theater with all the stars on the street and hand prints in front of the theater.  This was my first visit even though I had been born in L.A.

Here are a few of the stars on the sidewalk.

And a few of the hand prints.

Next time maybe we will be able to find Marilyn Monroe's prints.  It was so crowded it was really hard to get a clear shot of any of these.

Here is our wonderful tour guide giving us so much trivia and information, it was a great tour.  We started out on a 3 hour tour and by the time he finished it lasted almost 5 hours.  And not a dull moment.

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