Saturday, October 24, 2015

Altered Eiffel Tower Glass Bottle

This was just a plain glass bottle with a red cap.  I believe was originally used to store oil.

I thought it would make a great eye glass holder with this a little bit of altering.  I got the idea from my eye doctor's office display case.  They had a couple bottles just like this, without the cap, just sitting in the case.  I thought why not dress it up a bit and make it useful.

I started by washing it really well, then painting the cap with pink chalk paint from the craft store.
Added pearls around the neck of the bottle, a little pink bow and a pink tag I edged with Stickles.  And topped it with a pearl cabochon.

On the lower part I cut tiny pieces of scrapbook paper to fit in each of the flat surfaces around the bottle , glued them in place and edged each area with string pearls.  In the centers I either hot glued on a pearl cabochon, pink metal rose or a pink fabric rose I cut from a piece of trim from my stash.

To create the ledge where the glasses rest I hot glued a row of string pearls around the bottle and continued to add rows until there was a large enough ledge to securely hold the glasses.

This shabby chic altered bottle would be really cute on a vanity or bedside table.  I love it when I can make something not only pretty but useful as well.

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