Thursday, October 8, 2015

Album in an Artist Canvas

6" x6" covered canvases
And lastly,  today's project with DCWV Le Tres Chic 12" x12" paper stack is a 4" x 4" mini album hidden between two 6" x 6" hinged artist canvases.

painted the edges of the canvases black to match my paper, then covered them inside and out with the scrapbook papers once the paint was dried.  I used two tiny brass hinges to connect the canvases together. On the bottom corners I hot glued 4 large silver grey pearls for feet so my finished project will stand on its own.

closure on the outside
The edges I covered with a flat lace I attached with glue.  Then added the tiny closure with the screws that came with the lock and screwed it right into the wooden frame of the canvas.

inside with mini album in place

Front cover of mini album, here you can also see the hinges I used on the inside to attach the  canvases together .

And here is the finished inside where I also painted all the edges black just in case I had any gaps in the paper.  I didn't want any of the white canvas to show through.

back of cover of mini
The photos below show the detail of the album pages.

Believe or not but this tiny album has tons of space for photos and journaling.  
There is space for at least 30 photos.

back cover of hinged canvases

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