Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Day at Apple Hill

We spent the day at Apple Hill up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains here in California.
This has been a yearly tradition since I was a kid. Used to live about 5 miles away.  Now it is a 45 minute drive.  But we still go every year.

Each year from late September through Christmas all the apple orchards are open to the public. Apples, crafts, and other Fall goodies are all for sale.  And when December rolls around the Christmas trees farms in the area are open.  It is so much fun after a snow to drive up there and hike out into the tree farm to cut just the right tree for Christmas.

Apples of all varieties are available.  Each orchard has a wonderful selection to choose from.

Today was a perfect day, temperatures where in the upper 70's with lots of beautiful sunshine and tons of apples and other fresh produce that has just been picked. I came home with some gorgeous, huge fresh tomatoes, too.

A few friendly face here and there

This was a huge bin of apple peels left over from the making all those fresh pies and caramel apples.
Here is the apple peeling machine.  Apples peeled in a couple of seconds, amazing to watch.

I always love the fresh caramel apples.  Each year I usually by one.  Oh so good.  You know it is Fall for sure when the caramel apples show up.

Craft Vendors among the pine forest.

Apple orchard across from vendors

This was such a cute swing made to look like a wagon seat between two wagon wheels and lanterns on each side.  I want one in my yard.

Everyone stops at the pie house to get a slice of apple pie and order pies for the Holidays.

Loved these boxes of gourds.  I was thinking of all the stuff I could make out of them.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

 Stay safe and enjoy the day.

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