Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two More Altered Bottles

It is still very hot outside and now I have a cold so I am only working on small projects.  Such a bummer to catch a summer cold.

I have been saving special bottles until I had time to alter them.  

The first one started life out as an L'Occitane Perfume bottle.

I unscrewed the top, cleaned it very well then found an image in my files I thought would look cute with what I had in mind.

I decided to use these two little angels.

And I really like the little saying at the bottom.  
I added pretty little string pearls to the bottom and pearl medallions to the sides.  Next I glued the bottle to a Dollar Store glass candle holder using E6000.

At the top I covered the bottom of the clear knob with pink velvet ribbon added crystals and pearls and beads to the top.
I used two metal filigree pieces around the neck of the bottle.  And on the left side added a white rose, lace and more pink velvet ribbon.

I used distress ink on the back of  the images added another metal filagree piece and stamped some vintage words.  Then I gave all the paper images a light coat of Mod Podge.

This little altered bottle is now living on the nightstand in my guest room.

For the second bottle I poured white acrylic paint and silver glitter then turned it upside down on paper towels to dry.

I added this image I found on Pinterest by printing it out on decal paper and applying it to the bottle.

I added a couple of rows of lace and vintage rick rack to the top of the decal and to the bottom of the decal.  On each side of the decal I applied  silver Stickles to the edges.

Frst I inserted a chandelier acrylic crystal into the cork top.  I used a cork covered with silver foil, next I dripped with wax then silver Stickles.  
Around the top edge I glued blue velvet ribbon, added to silvered metal pieces, 2 white roses, 2 drapes of silver pearls.  And added a lace medallion to the front and back.

Also added a lace medallion to the back.

Happy Crafting!

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