Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Altered Bottle, Aqua

I started this project with an empty bottle.

empty vinegar bottle

Here are some of the elements I was thinking of using for this project.  White mulberry roses.

Butterfly and laces.

After thoroughly cleaning the jar I poured aqua acrylic paint into the bottle and swirled it around to cover the inside.  Then I tossed in a little gold powered pigment I had in my stash and swirled again.  Next I turned the bottle upside down on a stack of paper towels and let the excess paint drain out and dry.  I like the way the colors swirled together.

Next I glued an assortment of images to the bottle with hot glue and coated with Mod Podge.  Then the laces where cut and glued into place.

I added the mulberry roses, some rhinestones on the butterfly and a pearl.

Next I added the top piece  Originally I thought to use a clear knob on top attached to a cork but changed my mind and used a clear crystal.

I inserted the crystal into a wine cork, glued in place and covered with gold foil.  After pushing the cork into the bottle I used a candle to drip wax over the foil and then topped that with drips of Platinum Stickles.

Around the neck of the bottle I hot glued a piece of lavender velvet ribbon. Then I covered that with 2 pieces metal filigree.  I attached a rhinestone to the center of each piece of metal I glued over the ribbon..

And here is the finished bottle.

Happy Crafting!

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