Friday, July 8, 2016

I Love Roosters

Yes, I love roosters.  I have them in my kitchen.  What I don't like are bright colored roosters.  Mine are all in pastels.

 My rooster love started when I was a toddler.  My mom had them in her kitchen.  One of my favorites that she had was a rooster lamp.  But like most roosters it was dark wrought iron and bright colors.  I have it hanging above my sink.  I did repaint it in pastel colors to match my kitchen and decoupaged the lampshade in florals.

So, when I found this plaque at the thrift store I knew it would work perfectly in my kitchen.  Not the color but the shape.  

Don't be afraid to buy something if you like it, especially if the ceramic doesn't have a high gloss finish, it is easy to repaint to match your decor.

This plaque measures 7" square.  It's cute but just not the right colors.

I started by painting the entire piece white.

I decided I was going to use aqua, pink, white and Parisian gray.

For the background I dry brushed aqua and gray.  The tail is aqua and blue, the comb I painted pink, then dry brushed a little bit of the gray on the white feathers.  For the basket at the bottom I used gray dry brushed a little heavier on the high points.

To give it a little bling I added pieces of gold foil then when everything was dry I gave just the rooster a coat of Mod Podge for contrast to the matte finish background.


And here is my little shabby chic rooster ready to hang in the kitchen.


Happy Crafting!

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