Friday, July 22, 2016

Nature Shadow Box - Part 3 - Completed

Finally it's finished.  I ended up putting a sliding panel with a glass knob on the bottom portion of the box.

It simply slides up and down to gain access to the enclosed area.

I used distressing ink on all the edges.

The back side is also covered with the patterned paper and has a piece of twine for hanging.

I mounted the burlap boards at different heights from the back, then added the insects, also raised from the boards along with the words.

In the spaces on the back I added a few foliage arrangements.
At the top left there are 2 fern leaves, a small brown leaf and a tiny pink flower.

At the center right are 3 Gerber daisies and a couple of small leaves.  These are leaves I have saved from my Tea Forte tea bags.  They were just too cute to toss out.  They have been in my stash for awhile.  Always knew they would come in handy one day.

And lastly on the bottom left I added a distressed wooden frame with a small purchased flower bunch.

Next to the butterfly I glued a distressed doily then glued 3 three small bottles on the bottom.

Along the top edge I added a ribbon of muslin fabric I tore and pleated on my sewing machine.

On the top right corner I glued a tan ruffle around a dark brown fabric flower making it resemble a distressed sunflower.

I also randomly glued small bees, dragonflies and butterflies around the the front of the box.

And here is the completed box.  Ready to hang or sit on a shelf.  This was a fun project just a very busy week to start such a detailed project.  I think this will look great with my late summer and early fall decor come August and September and beginning of October.


Happy Crafting!


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