Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bought a New Refrigerator

We went to the big box store after receiving an email that appliances where on sale for 25% off.

I have been wanting to get a new refrigerator for a few years.  Ours is still working but I have been so unhappy with it since about the third year we had it.  Our old one is a Kenmore Elite.  I had no idea how cheaply it was made.  And we paid a lot for it.  I have a Kenmore Elite washer and it is the best washer I have ever used.

Everything on the inside was made with brittle thin plastic that was constantly breaking, doors, drawers and shelf supports.  The filter is almost impossible to change and even the hinge hold that in place cracked.  And I am not hard on appliances,  just the two of us, no small kids or teenagers.  I was so disappointed.  So when I saw my dream refrigerator on sale I had to go check it out.

All my appliances are black so this will match perfectly.  Love the water and ice on the outside, all the temperature controls,too. The deli drawer is separate from the frig.  I think I get into the deli drawer more than anything, so that alone should save energy.

And on the inside there are two huge vegetable bins which is great since we don't eat meat I need lots of room for fresh vegetables.

 I also like the convertible shelf that slides out of the way when there is something tall to add to the frig.

There are lots of cool burning led lights, too, unlike my old frig. that only had one light and if you put anything on the top shelf the rest of the frig. was in the dark.

Now for the waiting part.  They sold so many we won't get ours for about 15 days.  It is going to be a long wait.

But the best part was after we added up all the coupons, discounts and sale price reductions we ended up paying less than 1/2 price.  We were in shock when they rang it up and the price was so low.

I guess all my waiting, wishing and praying paid off.  I was able to afford this refrigerator at such a low price there was no question, we had to purchase it while it was on sale.

I have come to really love the Samsung brand.  Our dishwasher is also Samsung.  And the dishes come out so clean.  I don't even use any of the chemicals to avoid water spots.  Just don't need it anymore, my glasses come out sparkling with no spots.  Best dishwasher I have every owned and the stainless steel interior is so easy to keep clean.

I know I sound like a Samsung commercial.  But I really do love the products.

I guess the old adage, good things come to those who wait, is really true.

So the anxious the waiting begins.

Happy Shopping!

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