Monday, July 25, 2016

Fairy House Canvas

Oh boy, we are in the mist of a another major summer heat wave.  By Friday it is supposed to be 109 degrees.
That is really HOT for us.  Looks like we are in for a week of these temperatures.

A few months back while cruising the internet I came across the cutest idea for a fairy house in a tree made on a long skinny canvas.  So I gathered together the supplies I needed over the past few months and decided to make my own fairy house.

Here are the supplies I gathered together.  I also used hot glue, Gesso, Mod Podge and a sealer, glitter, Glossy Accents and Stickles.  Also a  piece of packing styrofoam I had saved.

I first carved the styrofoam to resemble the tree trunk.  I cut and shaped it to fit on the canvas above the bricks I cut from foam core board.  Then I glued both onto the canvas with hot glue.

After I glued the styrofoam to the canvas I wrinkled the brown packing paper and used Mod Podge to glue down the paper to resemble tree bark.  Here you can see the foam core board bricks at the bottom.

Next I bent 16" branches with stamens to resemble tree branches.  I also glued a few oak sticks to the canvas.   Then I coated the entire piece with gesso to white out everything. 

And here is the entire piece painted white.  While this dried I prepared the fairy doors and lanterns, printed, glued to light cardboard and cut them out.  I added a little orange glitter to the lantern and Glossy Accents along the edges.

I also glued orange paper to the backs of the windows then added Glossy Accents for panes and when that was dry I brushed a little Gesso on the panes before hot glueing them to the tree.  I also glued on the trio of fairies and the owl.  I painted fairy dust trails on the canvas using the clear Stickles.

And here is the finished piece.

Happy Crafting!

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