Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nature Shadow Box - Part 2

Well, today was not as productive as I had hoped.

First thing this morning we had a real estate appraiser looking at our house.  Can you believe our mortgage company contacted us to ask if we would like to pay a lower monthly payment?  Same amount owed just a lower payment.  Now that is a first for me.  Heck yes, I would like to pay you hundreds of dollars less per month.  Their only request was that we get a current appraisal.

The appraiser was checking out our yard and comes around the corner where we where standing and tells us she smells gas.  Oh great.

So as soon as she left we called the gas company.  They asked all the appropriate questions and told us someone will be out within the hour.  The operator told us to get out of the house, leave the property and not hang up the phone in case it would make a spark.  So we went across the street to the neighbors yard and waited in the shade of their tree.

Sure enough we had a gas leak.  The gas company was able to fix it quickly.  Leaking gas is always so scary to me.

Then as the guy from the gas company is leaving he asks us if the roads where open yet.  What?

Ok, it was about ll:30 a.m. by then.  Come to find out 2 men had been running from the police since 3 a.m. with two  AK-47 rifles shooting bullets as the ran.  The roads above here and the freeway where all closed this morning.  What a crazy day.  I heard the police found one of the guns.  But not the suspects.  Making sure to keep my doors and windows locked tonight.

This afternoon I did find a little time to work on my shadow box.  Needed to do something relaxing after this day.

I managed to cover the box in the Graphic 45 craft paper, also cover the little shelf and supports beneath.

I also covered the inside back with a collage of different vintage style papers.

Then I covered the mounting boards the insects will be mounted onto with a sage green burlap cloth using hot glue.  Next I used white gesso to add some extra texture randomly across the mounting boards. I will add some distress ink to these when the gesso is dry.

I also managed to find a little time to carefully cut out the 3 insects and then used destress ink on the edges to hide the backing board.  They are ready to mount to the boards when the gesso is distressed and dry.  Along with any embellishments I decide to use.

To be continued.

Happy Crafting!


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