Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trio of Vintage Mini Picture Frames

I found these 3 cute little frames.  They where empty and the
long one was broken in half.

The 2 small ones are about 4" and the larger oval is about 3" x 7".

This one appears to be very old,  When I found it,  it was broken in half where the dovetails joined.

And you can see the glass is very thick and hand chipped into shape.  I glued it back together as best as I could.  It had been apart so long it had warped a little.

I used a little Mod Podge and some gold gilding powder to restore the finishes on all three frames.

Then I went to my computer files and found three pictures I could size to fit these frames.

Using Mod Podge I adhered the 2 smaller ones to the frames.  Then I gave each one a coat of Mod Podge on top and used a stippling technique to remove any brush strokes and give the appearance of vintage pictures.

Next I hot glued a tiny white mulberry rose to the top of each frame and a tiny pink velvet bow to the bottom of each frame.  Around the edge of the picture where it meets the frame I ran a line of a bronze colored Stickles.

When I tilt them just right you can see the stippling and how the pictures appear old.

Now for  the oval frame.  Cleaned the glass really well added the picture and secured the backing.

At the lower break I added 4 white roses and a pearl and at the top a piece of pink dyed seam binding and a little pink velvet bow.  I also cut a metal filigree medallion in half and glued to each side of the roses. I aged all the bows and ribbon with a little touch of distress ink.

And just as I finished these my hot glue exploded.  Sparks and all.  A little scary.  Now to shop for a nice new gun before attempting any more of my projects.  Oh well, guess I could go paint something.

Happy Crafting!


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