Monday, July 18, 2016

Southern Belle Rabbit

I'm afraid it has been so HOT the last couple of days I haven't been too creative.
But today was only 100 degrees.  Feels like a breath of fresh air.

I got up at 6 this morning, turned on the AC and cooled the house down to 71 degrees.  It really helps to start the day with a cool house.  Especially with a two story house.

I used to like the summers around Sacramento until we started losing all the farmland and paving and building on every square inch of land.  Now we have humidity unlike in the past when our climate was very dry.  This area began as grasslands and scrub oaks.  Not a lot of  water, but always lots of heat.

Well, today I decided to complete another rabbit I rescued.  It appears to have been made from an old piece of barn wood and stands a little over 3 feet tall.

When I started this project I really didn't have any idea how I was going to finish this rabbit.  I also didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl rabbit.  But once I painted the face and added the whiskers I decided on a girl rabbit.

Here is how I found her.

I began by dry brushing the entire piece with white paint then added pink ears, nose and cheeks.

Next I gave her features a little definition with a darker shade of pink paint. Painted her eyes, mouth and whiskers with black paint.  Then added raffia whiskers in the holes in her cheeks.

Next she needed hands.  I had a couple of old rusty garden tools I attached with hose clamps that I aged with a little black paint and nailed to the wood before attaching the tools.

Well now she needed an apron.  I had a vintage doily that had a few stains that was just about the right size.  I folded about 1/3 over, hot glued it to the board then added floral fabric pockets, glued in place and a waist band made from a  bright pink hairband.

Then added a few twigs to her pocket.

OK, she is starting to have a real personality now.  I think she needs to be a Southern Belle gardener.  Fancy bow for her head and pretty jewelry.  Because don't we all garden in our best duds?  Of course as a Southern Belle she can't be seen without her strand of pearls.

Well, what else is missing?  I know, she needs a ring.  A big pearl ring.

I don't know she is still missing something.  How about a gathering basket?  Yeah, the sounds right.

And here she is on my stair landing with her little friend I finished earlier this month.

Happy Crafting!

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