Friday, January 8, 2016

Sewing Notions Journal

My Mother had collected a lot of vintage notions, some dating back to the 1800"s.  One day while I was going through the box, she left to me, I decided to make them into a sewing journal.  I collected some images from Pinterest and found a paper line dedicated to sewing images that I used.  And so I began to create my journal.

Front Cover edged in vintage tatting

For the spine I used an off white lace and then pink corset tape I laced with white cording.

Dyed seam binding dangled down the spine with little vintage silver rhinestone buttons.

I used chip board that I covered for the covers, the pages on one side are from an old school instructional sewing book from the sixties and the other side I used the sewing themed scrapbook paper.  I made little tuck spots to hold as many of the antique sewing items as I could fit on the pages.

  I like the image in the bottom left corner, of a sewing pattern for a "Gone With the Wind" dress, on this page.

This page has a tiny pair of vintage sewing scissors, tags and envelope to hold any fabric samples I want so save in the future or sewing notes.  On the envelope I pinned a vintage yellow duck diaper pin.  The yellow piece on the left is a very old needle envelope from London, 1800's.

There is also a complete 1950 Workbasket needlework book I tucked behind a pink belly band.  Interesting reading, too.

Here I made a tag pocket and also tags are inserted behind the scrapbook page.
You can see there are tags all along the side of the pages that pull out for keeping notes or pictures of sewing projects.

More pieces of vintage notions and vintage measuring tapes.

This page has vintage hooks and a handmade flower.

More tags and notions.

Tags and tuck spots here.  Two cards of vintage hem tape.

This page has vintage rick rack, more tags and in the envelope, on the red card,  is a scissor sharpener from the 1940's.

This page has 2 needle cased that are Art Deco.  The scissor images I printed on clear acetate.

Here I added more tags a monogram for embroidery and printed the dressmaker image on clear acetate.  There is also a magnetic bookmark in the center top of the pages, the girl with the pink headband. And another yellow duck pin.

And on the last page I added and interesting little pair of scissors that have a screw adjustment in the center, some seam binding wrappers, a brown glassine envelope and a blue chalk pencil.

This was a fun album to make.  And reading all the wrappers from the vintage items was pretty interesting, too.

Happy Crafting!

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