Thursday, January 28, 2016

Small Shabby Chic Tray Redo

I started out with a small crate type tray.

My plan was to change it into a shabby chic vanity type tray.

I decided to use Graphic 45 Ephemera Cards I had left her from another project.  These cards are thicker than regular scrapbook paper.  I needed the extra thickness to mask the very rough bottom to the tray.

Here you can see where I dry fitted the Ephemera cards before painting my tray with an ivory chalky paint.

The tray only needed one coat of paint. Which I let dry before continuing.  In the picture below you can see how rough the wood was that needed to be camouflaged.

After gluing the card down with Mod Podge and letting them dry.  I coated the top of the cards with Mod Podge and let that dry again.

On each corner I added a lace medallion and a pearl at the top of each corner using hot glue. Then glued a smaller medallion in the center front and back.  I also glue a pearl to each of these.

Here is a closeup of the corner.  For the foot on the bottom I glued a very large pearl to each of the corners that I cut from a strand of Christmas garland I bought for half price at Target after Christmas.

I glued a row of smaller pearls inside each handle.

And the finished tray.  This is another of my favorite paper patterns.  I have already made a book and a couple of other projects using this "Gilded Lily" paper collection.

Hard to believe this was a rough wooden crate.

Happy Crafting!

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