Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Breath of Spring Necklace

We won't hear back from the Dr. until Saturday.  But so far so good.

In the meantime I thought I would post a bit of Spring wishfulness. I don't think that is a word but I always am wishful for Spring.  I think that is my favorite season because I love flowers so much and in the Spring they are everywhere.

This is a necklace I finished using beautiful shades of Spring greens that remind me of the first green buds of the season.

The main ingredient is antiqued brass metal I used in the chain and other elements.

I used  green glass beads with bead caps for the stations of the chain.

This is a lariat style piece, however the length in front is not adjustable as it appears.  Actually the buds that dangle through the ring are attached in place with a jump ring.

For the circle I used a solid ring in back and an open work metal circle on top.

Here is a close up of the center rings and bud attached.

From the center circles I attached a length of chain that I use to connect the various leaves and buds.
For the larger bud I used the antiqued brass floral bead cap with a Lucite green flower inside, green bean then a Czech glass bead.

 Farther down the chain I used a very tiny Lucite flower and a couple of different green beads for the tiny buds.

Close up view

The back of the chain has a decorative metal clasp that is really only for decoration since this is a very long piece that easily slips over your head.

So now we will all just keep dreaming of Spring although I am loving the rain we are receiving after 4 long years of drought.  I used to complain when I saw cloudy skies. No More.  Because without the dreary winter there are no beautiful Spring meadows of flowers I so look forward to seeing. Not to mention it is really nice not to worry if we will have drinking water in the coming months.  So come on rain, I have learned my lesson.  I will love the rainy season, too,

Happy Crafting!

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