Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Red Icicles

I took down our Christmas tree over the weekend and I noticed just how many red icicles we have amassed. Red icicles you say.  Well yes.  I wonder if it is just a weird California thing or what?  But for years I have been on the lookout for red icicles.  And by years I mean most of my life and I am now retired.  We have lots of clear frosty icicles.  But it is the elusive red icicle that I hunt for.  Until just the last couple of years they have been very hard to find.

I have a feeling that with all the retro decorating out there these days red icicles are making a come back.

This year I had them hanging on the tree.

Hanging in the Kitchen window.

And on my china cabinet.

It made me think back to where my obsession to hunt for red icicles all began.

When I was a small girl I can remember my Mother decorating the Christmas tree. Hanging the shiny ornaments and handmade ones, too.  Stringing popcorn and hanging it as garland.  Of course, we also had the shiny silver metal tinsel that seemed to cling to everything and mysteriously spread through the house during the holiday season.

But what I most remember from my childhood trees where the red icicles she would add.  I still have a very few of those red icicles.  Some have broken tops others are tarnished with age.  These days I usually place them in a bowl with other ornaments that are too fragile to hang any longer. Like the ones from my Grandfather's tree.  I love the look of the old vintage ornaments.

This year I couldn't locate the box those old red icicles call home for most of the year.  Hopefully next year I won't be away for almost half of December and will have time to search through all my ornament boxes and find my few original old red icicles.

So, after Christmas this year I needed to go to Michael's Craft Store for some yarn.  And what did I spy on the holiday 50 % off table.  YES.  One lonely box of very large red icicles.  Of course, you know I just had to buy them.  Twelve new huge red icicles to add to my collection.


So until next year my hunt for red icicles has ended.  I hope what ever you cherish from your childhood will find it's way back into your life.  Some things just bring a smile to your face when they bring back those special childhood memories.  And it is always good to find something that makes you smile.

Happy Hunting!

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