Monday, January 18, 2016

Peacock Feather Wreath

We heard back from Mr. K's doctor and his heart is fine. Seems he had such a low blood sugar that it sent his heart into fits and landed him in the hospital.  We are so happy that there is no damage to his heart.

well, now that everything is back to normal the area over my stove was looking a little blank after all the Christmas decorations came down. So I decided to use a plain twig wreath I had made last summer.  I think this one was from our Honeysuckle plant. This was a really quick project.  What took the most time was heating the glue gun.

I am on sort of on a peacock feather kick lately.  It all started when I bought the ribbon I made the bow for the wreath from that I purchased at Costco during the Holidays.  Then I bought pillow covers for my throw pillows in the living room and lastly a pack of feathers.  

I know some people believe peacock feathers are bad luck to have in the house.  I just can't help myself the colors are so beautiful.

here is a view of the back, it was just a bare twig wreath.

I simply chose about 12 of the prettiest feathers in the pack and started hot glueing them onto the wreath overlapping as I went, following the curve of the wreath and adding a simple bow at the bottom.

That is all there was to this project.  But it added a lot of color to my white kitchen.

It is nice to have blank wreaths handy when you need one.  During the warm months I collect twigs from the honeysuckle plants and curly willow tree in our yard to use for decorations later.  I simply strip the leaves off the twigs and form the wreaths of different sizes while the twigs are green and easy to bend.  Then let them dry for later use.

Happy Crafting!

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