Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vintage Drawer Pull Necklace

I have always love these drawer pulls.  At one time I had a very vintage styled kitchen and every drawer and cupboard had one of these draw pulls. There where glass door knobs on the doors leading into the kitchen and vintage glass towel racks. I also had a vintage stove that had 3 burners, a built in chili or soup pot and a grill down the center.  That stove was such a joy to use.  Unfortunately I sold the stove with the house.

So, For this casual necklace I used a small vintage glass drawer pull of the focal piece.

I ran a very long head pin through the pull and formed a loop at the top and added a flower shaped bead cap at the bottom with a loop .  At the top of the drawer pull, which is actually the bottom, I glued a antiqued brass crown piece using E6000.

On the top of the crown is a ring I used to hang the piece from a long antiqued brass chain using a large sturdy, heavy gauge,  jump ring.  I also added a clear rhinestone to the cross in the center of the cross at the top.

A the bottom I hung a small antiqued brass branch link that I dangled clear crystals from.  Also another clear crystal and an aurora borealis crystal with a bead cap hang at varying lengths.

This is another of my found object pieces that is always a good conversation starter when people realize it is made from a drawer pull like the ones in their Grandmother's kitchen.
  I enjoy having a few fun pieces of jewelry made from unexpected vintage finds.

Happy Crafting!

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