Monday, January 11, 2016

Altered Ikea Glass Dish

I have been wanting to make a shabby chic decoupaged plate for awhile.  So on my last visit to Ikea I bought a few of the dinner size clear glass plates with the idea of altering them.

I also sent for a package of gorgeous rose print napkins from Amazon.  These where luncheon sized.

I began by cleaning the plate throughly. Separated the two layers of the napkins and cut out the flowers I wanted to use.

Next I taped the back white layer of the napkin to a piece of printer paper.  Sized the Eiffel Tower graphic to fit the center of the plate and ran that through my printer.

On my printer if I secure tissue paper to printer paper with tape it goes through just like regular paper and prints the image perfectly.  You will need to experiment with your printer to make sure it won't cause a paper jam.  I have tried to do this on my husband's printer and it jams.

After all the images where cut out I decided on the placement and using Mod Podge I adhered the images to the back side of the plate being very careful not to tear the delicate images as I smoothed out all the air bubbles.

I also added a few faux gold nuggets for a little bling.  (These are actually tiny pieces of gold foil from saved candy wrappers.)  And I left the piece to dry.

I decided I wanted a bit of sheen to my design.  For this I used a light pink metallic paint from Martha Stewart.  I painted that coat on with a very thin transparent coat so the white paint to follow would  still show through.  Let that dry and coated the back of the plate with several layers of white acrylic paint, allowing the paint to dry between layers. When the paint was dry I added a protective coat of acrylic sealer.

I am very pleased the way this turned out.  I love it when something I see in my minds eye turns out to look the way I envisioned it.

Now I am trying to decide if I want to have a pair of these plates by making a co-ordinating plate.

Happy Crafting!

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