Thursday, November 17, 2016

What to do With a Single Glass Candle Holder

What can you do with all those, oh so pretty, single glass candle holders at the Thrift Stores?  Or did you break one of your favorite candle holders and just have one left.  Don't toss it out or give away, Make a battery operated candle holder with it.

Find yourself a single candle holder and a single glass light shade and make a fast, easy Holiday battery operated light you can put almost anywhere.  In the window, in a curio cabinet, on a table where you don't have electricity, in the bath to set the mood for guests or in a china cabinet.

Here is what I used for mine.  A glass candle holder, glass shade, battery operated candle (taper or tea light),  small green wreath, Tacky Wax, a few red berries and some red ribbon for a bow.

Adhere your tacky wax or museum wax in several places around the top of the candle holder and gently but firmly adhere your shade.  If you want to make a permanent light you can attach the glass shade with E6000.

Wire a few red berries to your wreath and tie a bow with your ribbon.  Add your choice of battery candle.  That's it, your done.

So easy and so fast with a great big festive Holiday look.  Make two or more and add to your table centerpiece.

Great last minute decoration.

Happy Crafting!

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