Thursday, November 3, 2016

Broken Water Pitcher Repair

Over the years I have collected a few bowl and pitcher sets.  One of my favorites is a white ironstone with a pink stripe around the middle of the pitcher.

The other day I was moving and dusting them when I dropped that favorite pink pitcher.

I just couldn't bring myself to toss it out so I decided to make a repair.  I usually just throw a broken piece out if it breaks this badly.  But I just didn't want to loose this graceful old pitcher that I adore so much.

The front lip broke off in about five pieces.  I found all the pieces and glued them back in place.
I let it set for a couple of days to make sure the glue was cured.  I used Aleenes's Tacky glue to put the pieces back in place.

It was pretty sad looking but all the pieces were back in place and my heart was broken.

Once the glue was dry I mixed Fix All with enough water to make a very wet slurry about the consistency of pancake batter.

This isn't what this product is made for, but it works wonderfully.

This is a pitcher I repaired many years ago with this same technique.  Except this pitcher was broken into about 20 pieces.  It was my mother's and she was going to toss it away.  So I took the pieces home and began glueing.  The handle alone was in 5 pieces.  It was so pretty I just had to fix it.  Of course it doesn't hold water anymore but it makes such a pretty vase fro hold silk flowers.

Close up it is still looks good and the breaks are almost impossible to find.

So back to this pink and white pitcher.  I used my brush to add layers of the Fix All building up the layers until all the cracks and chips were filled in level with the rest of the pitcher and carefully wiping off any extra before it hardened.

When the Fix All was dry I mixed acrylic paint to match the white ironstone and using a very fine brush I painted over the cracks to hide them.

If the cracks are still noticeable sometimes I will paint over them with clear nail polish.  This will make the area shiny and the damage almost disappear.

 When the white paint was dry I went over the black stripe and filled in where the chips and breaks had damaged it.

And here it is back on the top of the cabinet looking whole again.  I know it is broken but at least now  the cracks aren't really noticeable anymore.

And my favorite pitcher can still be on display where I can view it daily.

Happy Crafting!

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