Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Well we finally have our bathroom water pipes fixed.  We had a new shower and tub facet installed.  Looked great but after the plumber left I found a pin hole leak where he sawed the wall board away. It was so small I didn't even find it right away.

Next we are waiting for our new tub surround to arrive.  Then the tub /shower will be complete.   I will be getting new flooring.  That will finish our mini makeover for the main bath.

Last night we had a few trick or treaters between rain showers.
Was hoping for dry weather for the kids.

Here are our decorations.  Had to have them inside out of the rain this year. The kids could see these in our entry hall.

My skeleton pirate and his skeleton dog with red eyes.

I found a Jack Sparrow mask on Pinterest I added to my pirate.

dogs glowing eyes

Black pumpkin with glowing green eyes.

And in the yard we had a few scattered headstones.

And on the double front door we had a crow wreath on the door draped in black cloth and a candy corn wreath on the outside of the other door.

Some of our neighbors really decorated their yards.

So we were sitting there watching Hocus Pocus, between the ringing doorbell.  Hope your Halloween was Ghoulish.

Happy Holidays!


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