Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Old Trellis Becomes a Rustic Christmas Tree

I have a few of these old redwood trellises leaning against the fence.  I used them for climbing vines. But now they have seen better days and are falling apart.

So, while out in the yard one day I was think what to do with these.  Toss them away or make something new?

You know the answer make something new and since it is near the Holidays why not a Christmas tree.

I went out and started pulling the pieces off and when I had a stack of graduated sized I brought them inside and began to assemble my Christmas tree.

 Only the top few pieces needed to be cut to length the rest where already the perfect length.

I pulled all the rusty wire staples out and set them in order of size.

And started to glue them to my longest piece, that formed the trunk, with hot glue.

In the picture below you can see the tree fully assembled.  It stands about 2 feet tall.

Using a dry brush technique I brushed on shades of green, pink and white on different pieces of the wood.

When my paint was dry, which didn't take very long since it went on almost dry I added my decorations.

Vintage buttons, white faux snow on the edges and a little glitter for a frosty effect.

I have 4 boxes of vintage buttons that people have given to me over the years.  It is hard nowadays to find very many vintage buttons a affordable prices.  Glad I still have some to work with in my crafting.

Haven't decided where to use it but I am sure I will find just the perfect spot when the time comes to decorate the house for Christmas.

Happy Crafting!

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