Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Economical Back Splash

Since I have been doing a few little upgrades around the house I decided my back splash in the kitchen needed a little something.  I was tried of just seeing the plain painted wall.

Tile just isn't in the budget right now, however, I wanted something besides just the painted wall.  I began by removing the electric outlet covers and dusting the wall to make sure my wall sticker foil would have good adhesion.

Next I made my measurements and cut out the shape to fit beneath the cabinets.  It come in rolls and is basically just peel and stick.

It is called "Mosaic Anti Oil Wall Sticker Paper, PVC Removable Kitchen High Temperature Resistant Foil". "  I was able to find this on Amazon.

I bought two rolls of this kitchen self stick back splash.  This gave me enough to cover my entire kitchen under my cabinets with just a few inches leftover.  The price on Amazon was only $9.99 a roll.

This simple little inexpensive addition really brightened the whole kitchen. 

Plus it coordinates well with the treatment I did over the stove last year.

stove wall in silver

Such a small addition to the room really had a huge impact and the silver faux grout reflects a lot of light to brighten the entire kitchen.

Happy Decorating!

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