Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wooden Bead Garland

I have been seeing those large wooden bead garlands all over including on Pinterest.

They sell for anywhere from $20.00 on up.

Hum!  I thought I could make one for a lot less.  I began by ordering a bag of large beads from Amazon.

Went through my stash and found some vintage white beads. There are two different sizes that I used randomly on the garland.

I have seen these strung on wired jute but decided to string mine on a fine white crochet thread with a little sparkle.  I used 2 threads to string my beads and to give my garland extra strength.

The first thing I did was to make 2 tassels, one for each end.

I wrapped the tread around a piece of 4" cardboard tag about fifty times.

Then cut a short piece of thread and tied a knot at the top leaving tails long enough to tie to each end of the garland.

I removed the yarn from the cardboard and cut the bottom of the loops to form the tassel. Then I trimmed the ends to make sure they where all the same length.

I cut another short piece of thread and tied the tassel about 1/2" from the top and tightly as possible.

For the beaded section I used a very small crochet hook to pull the thread through the beads.  I imagine a small beading needle would also work.

I added all the beads alternating the wood and white and then tied a tassel to each end.

These turned out really well with just the slightest bit of sparkle in the tassels and cost me a little over $4.00 dollars.

Happy Crafting!



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