Monday, November 14, 2016

Cute Little Chest of Drawers Redo

This is the little set of drawers I picked up at the Thrift Store last week.

I didn't care for the flowers but new I could paint over them.

As it turned out I had paint to match the color exactly.  So one coat did the trick.

Here it is all painted and no more flowers. The inside didn't need any painting the color match was so perfect.  Who knew?

Next I assembled a few embellishments.

I began by hot gluing the silver bling to the roof edge.

Next I added a row of pearls to the roof.

Next I added the silver bling to the drawers.  And a string of pearls to the bottom of each drawer.

At the peak of the roof a glued on a little bird and a few individual pearls of varying sizes.  Under the eaves I added a flower a crystal and a few more pearls.

To the roof I glue a few very large pearls randomly over the roof and a string of pearls down the ridge of the roof.

And the finished piece.  I think I will use this in the bathroom to hold small hair clips and combs.

Happy Crafting!

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