Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rescued Little Table

Wow, we are having our first really long heatwave of the the summer.  So no outside projects this week.

I lost my mother a few years ago and I am just now starting to incorporate some of her things into my home.  

This little table is one of the items I am moving out of storage.  It started out as a beautiful little table, but one day my mom had her window open and the sprinkler accidentally sent water through the window.  She didn't see that it had hit the table.  The backside suffered water damage to the finish.  And the leather top had seen better days, too.  I brought it inside and cleaned it well.  

 I knew one day I would change the finish and here is how I did just that.

sitting on a box to make it easier to paint

I began by turning it upside down on a box to make it a little easier to paint the legs and center column.

On this part of the table I am using a light gray chalk paint.

I painted the trim on the tabletop gray, also.

Next I painted the top and sides with a cream colored chalk paint.

I ended up with a crackle finish on the top.

When the gray was dry I used a dry brush to lightly brush on a silver paint on the tops of the legs, feet and center column.

I ended up using 3 coats on the top of the table and when those where dry I used the gray and silver  and stenciled a medallion in the center.

I painted the inside of the little drawer a pretty shade of aqua and then stenciled another silver/gray medallion in the center of the drawer.

And here it is finished in front of the fireplace.  Now I need to refinish my 2 chairs to match and my little spot for tea will be complete.

Happy Decorating!

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