Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer is in Full Swing

Yes, summer is in full swing. LOL

The yard is finally ready for summer.  Everything has been trimmed and staked and pruned.  Flowers are blooming and the heat is upon us.

When I first first moved to this property there was not a tree or a flower in sight.  Just an empty field.  15 years later I have a cool oasis in the middle of a very hot valley.  When the temperatures hit the 100's my trees and plants keep us cool.

Here you can see my assistant on the patio watching me take these pictures.

Here is one of the natural plant archways I am starting,

As of last count I now how over 25 trees.  They really make a difference when the high temps. get here.

This is an old bird bath that started leaking so I planted plants in it.

And I  have a bunch of herbs growing in pots like this beautifully lush basil plant.


Tomatoes, lemon cucumber and hot peppers all have blossoms, fruit and vegetables not far behind..

And lots of flowers blooming all around.  Each  morning I pinch back the petunias removing the seed pods so they will continue to bloom throughout the summer.

Also each morning I give the birds fresh water for the day.  The rock in the bird bath is so the bees have a place to land and not drown.

My horsetail is now almost 5 feet tall.

More shade trees along the side of the house.

And here I have a bottle tree.  Oops, not a real tree.

And here is another natural plant arch I just started training this year.

Now my only goal for the rest of the summer is to keep everything watered.  We have great drip irrigation system so I will have a lot of time to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while watching the birds and other wild life that graces our yard during the warm summer months looking for a little bit of shade.

Happy Gardening!

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