Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Once Upon a Time Upcycled Composition Book

I started out with this plain old fashioned composition book.

I chose my paper from this 2013  paper from DCWV called Once Upon a Time.

First thing I did was cover the front and back covers with papers.

from cover

On the inside cover I made a little pocket that I filled with 2 tags I made from the paper collection.

tags inside front cover

On the inside of the back cover I attached  a pen I covered with the same  paper I used on the cover then painted the tip of the pen to match the paper collection and glued a half pearl to the top.

These are the 4 papers I chose from the collection to form the divider pages.

I cut 2 tabs from matching page papers for each divider and a rectangle for the back page.  On the edges I used distressing ink to hide the white cut edges.

Here are the 4 pages cut to size with corners rounded.

Here is a shot of the edge.  The distress ink covers the whiteness of the cut edge.

Next I glued the 1 of the 4 dividers to every 25th page.

1st divider

First divider, here you can see the seam binding and fiber I used for a book mark.

2nd divider

Another page glued into place.

3rd divider

One more divider glued into place.

4th divider

Back cover.

Here is some of the detail from the front cover. Now all ready to use for journaling, notes, or what ever  you need to keep track of.

Happy Crafting!

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